e. Orcas participants

Almost 200 people from across the United States and seven other countries attended the conference on Orcas. A list is here:  Orcas conference participants

As the essay about the conferences reported:

At both conferences, about a third were artists, ranging from visual artists, composers, media artists, choreographers, poets, and performance artists to critics and theater directors, a story teller, a woodworker, a puppetry artist, and many others. Their reported share would have been larger if careful records had been kept of artists who also played organizational roles.

Other participants included funders, both private and public, and representatives of a wide range of organizations – artist-centered organizations, arts institutions, advocacy groups, and research centers. People came from 36 states and eight countries, from big cities such as Los Angeles, Addis Ababa, Chicago, and Tokyo and from small, rural towns such as Clearmont, Wyoming and Hotevilla, Arizona. Cultural heritages were expressed through the languages spoken in a short, unscheduled performance at the last evening meal on Orcas – Spanish, Hopi, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Lithuanian, Dutch, Welsh, Icelandic, one of the Ethiopian languages, and I’m sure others.

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